GT6 Car Values


GT6 values are on the rise.

"Fully rebuilt Triumph GT6s have been commanding some big premiums at auction in recent years and prices upwards of £17k have been possible"*. According to the TSSC Courier in February 2021 the values are as below, with the Mk1 worth the most. Interestingly classic car prices had been forecast to fall in 2020, but in fact I think they have risen. John Mayhead, editor of the Hagerty UK Price Guide, said: “There was a pronounced upward shift in the UK classic and collector car market last summer after the lifting of the first lockdown. This has continued, although not at the same rate, this year, and things have remained buoyant.”


Definitions (from the Valuation Form) are below:

The Octane Magazine Classic Car Price Guide also values the GT6 Mkl/ll as more than the Mklll, see below. It claims that "Values [are] rising steadily".

*The classic car network Nov-2016

N.B. In the March 2020 edition of Classic & Sportscar, E.R. Classics advertised a Damson GT6 Mk2 for €32,950 (approx £29,000)! It was bought by a customer in Sweden (I know because he contacted me).