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Diary of work carried out on 1973 GT6 Mk3

Craig's GT6 MK3 in Australia


John Holmes Racing

Project to race GT6 Mk2


Triumph - Spitfire

Herald, Stag, Vitesse, TR, Dolomite, GT6, 1300TC et autres

(in French)

Scott Janzen's 1968 Triumph GT6 Race Car

André Rousseau's 68 Triumph GT6 Mk1
Triumph GT6 Mk2 Restoration

Taylor Automotive

This is Geoff Taylor's personal car. He fell in love with the shape before he learnt to drive and it was the first car he bought, it was in a sorry state and needed a complete restoration and that's what he intended to do - getting a bit carried away! This car has become part of his CV - it show cases the kind of engineering and quality that he aspires to.

Classic Car Mag

Classic Car Mag is an online publication celebrating classic cars. The site offers intra-day classic car news, show and event updates and we also give drivers the chance to save money and compare classic car insurance quotes. We source our content from professional organisations, contributors and industry journalists and have an in-house professional photographer to capture those classic moments!

Elin Yakov

The videos in this playlist are about Elin's ground up restoration of a British classic car - Triumph Spitfire MK2 which is similar to the GT6! Very comprehensive (has 28 parts) - well worth watching.

Better Car Lighting

Gil Keane's company, which specialises in LED and other upgrades for classic cars. Very helpful, I can't recommend them enough! The homepage has some useful comments on the legality or otherwise of using LEDs.

L'Associazione Registro Storico Michelotti

On the eightieth anniversary of the birth of Giovanni Michotti's, his son, Edgardo, together with other enthusiasts, founded L'Associazione Registro Storico Michelotti ( with the goal of establishing a record of Michelotti designed cars still in existence around the world, as well as to organize cultural events around such cars. Membership of the Association is open to any owner of a Michelotti designed car.

Friends of Triumph

The Friends of Triumph (FOT) are dedicated to preserving the racing heritage of the Triumph marque. Campaigning these automobiles on the track is at the essence of our purpose. Hopefully the photos and descriptions that follow will bear testimony to that end.... a dynamic display of power and agility.

The New Triumph

This website is Kevin Kastner's effort to capture and articulate a vision for the revival of the Triumph automobile marque. He believes there are enough Triumph fans left in the world to generate demand for a new Triumph motorcar company and he needs your help to prove it!

Triumph DVD

Creators of a new type of automotive documentary that involved the people responsible for bringing the car to market and making it a success. Get 'CODE NAME: BOMB - The Story of the Triumph Spitfire & GT6' which came out in 2009 and thanks to the input from the men who engineered and styled this range of cars contains much information that was previously unknown about the history of these vehicles.

My Quick Fixes

Ben's quick fixes for little problems…
Mainly computer orientated by a couple (well, three) of interesting GT6 related ones too!

Vitesse Steve

A collection of downloadable Triumph car workshop manuals and catalogues, together with factory produced training stuff and lots Lucas resources.

The Hot Rod Resource Guide

This cool webpage was brought to my attention by Sandy Altman from sunny San Diego! His son, James, is (like me) really into cars and basically anything that has a motor! He is doing a history report on the history of the automobile for school.