Lamps & Bulbs



Excepting the Headlamps, the GT6 has 6 types of lamps fitted - the part numbers are Lucas. The full Lucas bulb catalogue can be downloaded by clicking here.

Type Position Qty Description Volts Watts Max Dia. (mm) Length (mm) Part No.
BA15s SCC Indicators 4 Single Centre Contact 12 21 26.5 52.5 LLB382
" Reversing (except late Mk2) 2 Single Centre Contact 12 21 26.5 52.5 LLB382
" Reversing (Late Mk2) 1 Single Centre Contact 12 21 26.5 52.5 LLB382
BA9s MCC Front Sidelights (Mk2 only) 2 Minature Centre Contact 12 5 16 31.4 LLB989
" Number plate illumination (except late Mk2) 2 Minature Centre Contact 12 4 8.8 27.4 LLB233
BAY15d SBC Stop/Tail 2 Small Bayonet Cap 12 21/5 26.5 52.5 LLB380
MES E10 Instrument illumination & Hazard warning 5 Minature Edison Screw 12 2.2 11 23 LLB987
" Instrument warning 5 Minature Edison Screw 12 2.2 11 23 LLB987
SV 8.5s Interior (roof) 1 Festoon 12 6 11 35 or 42 LLB254
W2.1x9.5d Number plate illumination (Late Mk2) 2 Capless 12 5 10 26.7 LLB501

The BAs are BAyonet (BA9 = 9mm dia.; BA15 = 15mm dia.). The MES E10 are (Minature) Edison Screw. The exceptions are the SV roof lamp which is "Festoon" and the "capless" lamps fitted to the late GT6 Mk2 number plate illumination which are identical to the boot lights of the Triumph Stag.

LED Bulbs

The advantage of fitting LED bulbs to a classic vehicle is that they fit into standard bulb holders, are extremely long lasting (they never 'blow' but just fade over a long time), require very little current (typically 30mA) so put less strain on the wiring. For best results use the same colour LED bulbs behind the same colour lenses. N.B. They are not suitable for the ignition warning light. Another advantage is that spare bulbs need not be carried!

There are a few companies which sell these, but I used, and can highly recommend, Classic Car LEDs. Their bulbs are CE (the product meets the essential requirements of the relevant CE marking Directives of the EU) and ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) approved and they offer a 24 Month Warranty against manufacturing faults on most LED products. The owner, Duncan Rickards is very helpful, and if the bulbs are unsuitable for any reason he quickly gives a refund on receiving any returns.

 LED headlamp bulbs are now becoming available but the light pattern may give problems: Halogen bulbs give a longer throw, LED are brighter closer to the car, according to some recent tests. Thay are also quite expensive!

Below is a typical BA15 in filament and LED:


Please note, LED bulbs are a little heavier than normal, so ensure that the bulb holders are safely capable of taking the extra weight. I had trouble with a rear light unit shorting as the heavier bulb caused the bulb holder to touch a live terminal, and had to add a small piece of additional insulation to prevent this (see my blog).