Rear Lights


All the rear lights were in poor condition, so new stop/tail and indicator lights were purchased.

To increase safety I intended fitting additional rear stop lights alongside the indicators, this is commonly done in the US (see picture below 1.). The rear panel, which was replaced in 1981, was for the pre-1970 Mk2 GT6 which didn't have the combined rear reversing/number plate assembly, and had two holes in each side for the fitment of indicators and separate reversing lights. As I didn't need the inboard holes for the reversing lights, the welder blanked these off. I reinstated these holes so I could fit the additional stop lights. These were Wipac ones I bought from Vehicle Wiring Products which, although plastic, look exactly the same as the original L760s (see below 2.). In order to preserve the original appearance I used some oil seals from eBay which had the same diameter as the original plinths (see below 3.) and also used original chrome bezels (see below 4.). I think the appearance is pretty good (see below 5.)

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