The Dashboard


The dashboard of the GT6 differs from the Spitfire in that from the beginning (Mark 1) it was wallnut veneered, and full width, see below.

The veneer was finished in a gloss lacquer, the instruments (Smiths) were chrome rimmed and the switches were toggle type.

With the Mark 2 (below), Triumph finished the veneer in a matt lacquer, the instruments were matt black rimmed and the switches were rocker type. Note the fresh air vents at each end, a feature introduced with this mark in 1968.

The early Mark 3 had the same dashboard as the Mark 2, but in a later iteration the instruments reverted to chrome rimmed and they were redesigned (images from John Thomason's excellent Guide to Originality).


Because of the dashboard's relative paucity of instruments many owners have made their own versions. The sole modification I did on my Mk2 was to replace the temperature gauge with a combined temperature/oil pressure gauge.

However a friend of mine has probably created the ultimate GT6 dashboard: