Handbrake & Rear Brakes



The entire handbrake mechanism was renewed with the exception of 1. the Relay Lever and Compensator (no longer available) which were just cleaned, painted and fitted with a new bolt, tab washer, dust and felt seals and 2. The Handbrake Lever mechanism which was fitted with a new Grip and split pins etc.


Above are the handbrake relay lever before and the new/refurbished parts ready to assemble. Below after assembly onto the car. Note the Maritime Stainless Steel Wire Rope Grip on the right, as the correct Handbrake Cable Clip 106036 is no longer available. The cables on the left go (via curved guides) to the respective rear wheels; the right cable goes to the handbrake lever.

Rear Brakes

Above, all the new rear brake components (including linkages to the handbrake cables), ready to fit. Below, brakes fitted! The hub on the right has a new brake drum fitted, painted in red caliper paint.

Below is the LH rear hub, fully fitted in position. The Armstrong (Red Max 4) adjustable shock absorbers (fitted 1981) have been refitted (to hold the hub so the driveshaft is not resting on the chassis) but it will be refurbished in due course, as it is good, and quite rare. All the nuts and bolts are new, as is the handbrake cable and fittings (as previous page). Note that the wheel studs are longer ones, to accommodate the GB alloy wheels which will be fitted.

Below, the new propshaft installed, sliding joint to the rear, as recommended in the workshop manual. Note the UJs have grease nipples.