As part of the rewiring exercise I've replaced the dashboard with one I bought from Roger Atkinson via ebay. Roger had refurbished it using iron-on pre-glued veneer, a sharp knife and several layers of lacquer. He did a good job, and what I like is it's not over the top like some dashboards I've seen which are expensively veneered and highly lacquered. Mine looks similar to the original. Below are the old original and Roger's replacement. For some reason there is only 1 hole where there should be 2 for the ignition and the choke, I'll have to drill these (it probably comes from a late GT6 Mk3 with an ignition on the steering column, so only needs a hole for the choke).

The switches have all been retained, although the choke and cable is renewed, and the Wipe/Wash replaced with an electric washer version as fitted to late Spitifires (before they were fitted with TR7 switchgear). The Hazard Light warning light has also been replaced. The instruments have all been refurbished with cleaned glasses, repainted bezels and new bulb holders and LED bulbs (except the Ignition Warning Light which is not designed to work with anything other than a normal incandescent light bulbs). I've also used instrument illumination bulbs with a green tint. The ventilation louvres at each end were in a poor state (the foam was damaged) and I obtained an excellent pair from eBay as new ones are unobtainable.