Technical Articles

1. Zenith Stromberg Tips
2. Bolt Specifications
3. Production Dates, Commission Numbers & Changing Points
4. GT6 MoT Failures

Please note that the Department for Transport has announced that from May 2018 classic cars more than 40 years old will be exempt from MOT testing, with owners voluntarily electing for an MOT if they feel their car needs one.
5. Champion Spark Plug Diagnostic Chart
6. Tuning Triumphs With Engines Exceeding 1300cc
7. Copper vs Kunifer Brake Pipes
7. Silicone Brake Fluid in Lockheed Servos
8. Performance Fuel Hoses – When Good Hoses Go Bad
9. Zenith Stromberg Carburettor Repair Guide
  10. How to find out what flare in on your brake line

I used a brake flaring tool to make my own brake pipes, recommending the one made by Franklin Tools. In order to be able to understand flares, I found this sheet useful!