When looking for somebody to tackle the bodywork, I found reference to Southside Classic & Custom on the Wirral Classic Car Club website. In September 2013 I sent them an enquiry through their website I saw that they had just completed a restoration of a GT6 Mk3. Steve Young, the owner, commented as follows "This is one thats now at the trimmers, the welding and fabrication on this mk3 was immense as can be seen from pic2, pic 1 was adjusting door gaps, pic four is it on the way to trimmers after paint I hope they ease any concerns about our experience with these makes and models. There are not that many cars left that we have not restored". His pictures appear below:


This GT6 appeared on eBAY and in an email Steve commented further "You should have seen the condition (under the paint, filler, chicken wire, and spray foam) of that gt6 on eBay, the front of roof where rain gutter should be was full of above!! And both A pillars were similar!! One of the worst bodge jobs I have ever seen, not to mention, extremely dangerous!! Makes my blood boil!!" Below is a picture from eBAY of the completed car:

Steve, and his colleague Justin visited me to see my car on the 22nd April 2016. I was very impressed by their knowledge of these Triumphs and they gave me confidence that the work could not be in better hands. As they are always busy (itself a good sign) I was told that they would not be able to do the work until September/October of this year. In fact the car was transported to his workshop on October 3rd, 2016.

After painting the chassis and carefully examining the vehicle, I made a list for Steve of items requiring attention:

1. The rear deck by the LH chassis mounting point (Picture 1)
2. The rear LH inner wheel arch and shock absorber mounting (Pictures 2 and 2a)
3. The rear lower RH wing (Picture 3)
4. The lower RH front scuttle at the back of the RH front wheel (Picture 4)
5. The inner A post (Picture 5)
6. The edges of the tailgate opening (Picture 6)

Picture 1

Picture 2      Picture 2a

Picture 3      Picture 4

Picture 5      Picture 6

Below are the panels I have accumulated/purchased. Red (or white) items are original 'Stanpart', black items 'Heritage' and the floor is from a Spitfire (identical).

Rear Wings      Rear Inner Arch

The 'Heritage' outer and inner sills (from Rimmers) were made by British Motor Heritage Limited. BMH was established in 1975 to support owners and the marketplace by putting genuine components for classic British cars back into manufacture, using original tools wherever possible. Their panels are produced utilizing traditional skills matched by the extensive use of modern materials, equipment and processes.