Restoring the GT6 - the chassis


The chassis is a definite candidate for renovation as new ones are unobtainable! If it is too far gone, another second hand one can be used. A Spitfire chassis can be used for the GT6, but if it is a Rotoflex GT6 rear wishbone mounting brackets need to be welded on. These can be purchased from Canley Classics for around £25 (to see, click here). According to Ed Hollingsworth, who has kindly allowed me to use pictures from his website, the area most likely to be affected by rust, which becomes visible after sandblasting (in his case) or hand sanding (in my case), is where the front outriggers join the chassis at the front. In fact this can be seen whether the body is removed or not.

Another area prone to rust is the front suspension turrets (or towers). The good news is that these are removeable, and in my case I bought a couple of second hand ones in better condition than mine. Sanding (or sandblasting) plus a coat of good paint (as the chassis itself) is all they need, and refitting with new fasteners. Below left is the old one and the new refurbished one.


They are attached with 8 - 3/8" x 1" UNF setscrews, spring washers and special captive tapped plates (part number 129650) - see above right.

In my case, I found that most parts of the main chassis are accessible from beneath, and it seemed quite sound with no signs of corrosion, except on the surface. I therefore cleaned and wire brushed it, and painted it with a a two-pack high build primer/finish after removing all transmission and suspension components, just leaving the engine in situ. I then replaced the rebuilt transmission and suspension and then sent the car away on a low loader to a restoration/paint shop for welding and a respray.

If the chassis is removed, when it is replaced fitting new bolts is recommended - there are 12 and many suppliers will sell you a set (below is a list from Canley Classics). You will also need the associated nuts, washers and alloy mounting blocks. Many suppliers sell these as a kit.

Code Description Qty
HB826 BOLT - 5/16" X 3 1/4" UNF 2
HU808P SET POINT 5/16 X 1 2
HB814 BOLT - 5/16" X 1 3/4" UNF 2
HB824 BOLT - 5/16" X 3" UNF 2
HB828 BOLT - 5/16" X 3 1/2" UNF 2
HB914 BOLT - 3/8" X 1 3/4" UNF 2

After dealing with the chassis a rust-proof coating is recommended, such as a two-pack high build primer/finish like Epoxy Mastic 121® which is available from (click the picture below to link to their website). Some favour galvanising, however this process adds considerable weight to the chassis!