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Andrew Talbot Racing

As stated on my racing page, a bodyshell was discovered in Cheshire in 1981. When I was PR Secretary of the TSSC, I was told about somebody called Andrew Talbot, who had a 'Triumph Road and Racing Tuning' business in Runcorn. I wrote to him and received the following response (to see the original letter click here).

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter of Sept 8th enquiring about the Le Mans Spitfires. Unfortunately I do not own one of these, much as I would like to. I do have numerous parts from the Le Mans projects including a bodyshell for the extra-wide GT6 Le Mans prototype which was stopped by Donald Stokes in his "motor car racing does nothing for selling motor cars" campaign. I also have engines, original body moulds and some alloy panels. Most of the alloy body panels were destroyed and sold for scrap!

I myself raced Spitfires in modsports, and a GT6 & Herald, from 1968 till 1975 and have quite a few photographs.

As far as business goes I manufacture every single panel for Spitfires and GT6s (except Mklll GT6 roof and bonnet) from bumpers to complete replica bodyshells, in glassfibre of course.

When I was racing myself I occasionally saw a Le Mans Spitfire (ADU 6B I think) but it was non-original; the engine was 70X and the log book was original too, but they were about the only parts which were. The problem was that Triumphs tended to use the same log book for various cars and damaged cars were often sold but never with logbooks. Unfortunately without a genuine logbook I have no chance of building a Le Mans car in spite of the fact that I would have more genuine parts than most of the other documented "Le Mans" cars. I could build one, but the Historic Sports Car Club would not accept it.

I would suggest that you telephone the number on this heading and pop over for a 'natter'. Unfortunately I do not have an evening number at the moment, but I am usually at the 'yard' till at least 6-30pm.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Talbot

I later visited him with a friend. A couple of the photographs I took were published in Triumph World in August/September 1999. The article appears below:

Below the original pictures, the last picture shows Andrew Talbot himself.



Some of the many Triumphs in his yard, my 'heap' is on the extreme right!